Kathryn Mogk Wagner

I’m a scholar of medieval English literature, a teacher who loves exploring the good life with students, and part of the Christian study center movement.

I've studied English at Pepperdine University (BA), the University of Minnesota (MA), and Harvard University (PhD). My dissertation examines how Middle English religious writing represents, interprets, and theorizes Latin liturgy, recuperating value from unintelligibility and incomprehension.

I currently serve as Director of Academic Programming at the Center for Christianity and Scholarship at Duke. I organize lectures and events, teach short courses and reading groups, and build community around the intersection of academic work and Christian faith.

Learn more about my teaching and writing here, and check out my fledgling commonplace blog, flores et radices. Or reach out and contact me at kathryn@mogkwagner.net or kathryn.wagner@duke.edu.